Tanzanian Care and Treatment Clinic Data

You can read more about the Tanzanian CTC data here. Much work has already been done using these data (see output). The following sections describe the data, and the procedures for extracting and analysing the data, illustrated with some example output.

Description of the database

The CTC data are documented in the Study Documentation (available to download as a pdf: TanzaniaCTCDocumentation13012015). This provides all of the meta data, including descriptions of the tables and variables.

Further details about the database will be provided soon.

Data extraction methods

We will soon add a description of the data extraction methods.

Data processing and analysis

Data processing and analyses are performed in Stata version 12 (StataCorp. 2011. Stata Statistical Software: Release 12. College Station, TX: StataCorp LP). It is anticipated that the programmes will also be translated into R.

Download the documentation and Stata programmes as a zip file: Tanzania – CTC – data processing and analysis.

Of note, the datasets used by these programmes are processed versions of the tables described in the Study Documentation. Further explanations of the generation of these datasets from the tables will be provided soon.

Example output

We will soon add example output, generated from the analysis programmes.